Stay Visible: How to Navigate Google’s Latest SEO Update

This blog has been written by SEO Manager Dan Morehead at CTI Digital, experts in Web Development and Digital Marketing.

Last year Google announced one of their biggest ever updates to search results.

The search index will be moving mobile-first, which means that your desktop search results will be shaped by how well your mobile website is performing.

Why is Google updating their search index?

This is a reversal of historic rankings and something that Google has been working towards for a long time, as more people are accessing sites using mobile devices. The update will provide more accurate search results and better content to users of all devices as content delivered on a mobile can be significantly lacking compared to desktop.

The need for mobile first has been called upon because there are parts of the developing world where mobile is far and away the easiest method for people to go online. This update provides an even playing field essential for economic competition.

What effect will it have?

Google is planning to roll out the update this year which means it’s important to invest in improving your mobile website now before you lose out on traffic. If your website doesn’t perform well on mobile you’ll quickly lose visibility even if your site has great content. Simple practices like ensuring your website is responsive, has a good content hierarchy and load speed can go towards maintaining and improving your ranking. New mobile friendly technologies like AMP can also help boost your visibility.

This can also be a good time to conduct some SEO housekeeping to put you in a better position generally and to increase your organic visibility.

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