Looking to get your company’s name in front of thousands of media and marketing professionals in 2017?

Prolific North Live offers businesses and organisations a number of different sponsorship opportunities. These include:

  • Event Partnerships
  • Keynote Seminar sponsorship
  • In-House Marketers room sponsorship
  • In-House PR / Comms room sponsorship
  • Growth Finance Hub (Venture Fund Pitch Workshops and Mergers & Acquisitions sessions) sponsorship
  • Agency Suite sponsorship
  • Innovation Suite sponsorship
  • Storytelling room sponsorship
  • Freelancer room sponsorship
  • Drinks sponsorship
  • Lanyard sponsorship

To find out more about the sponsorship and partnership opportunities available at Prolific North Live please contact Jill Taylor on 07879 471636 or by emailing jill@prolificnorth.co.uk