Bruntwood, CIM, Fluid Branding and More

Our Weekly Round Up provides you with the latest news and insights from our exhibitors, event partners and sponsors. This week, CIM discuss customer communication with CEO and founder of Cream, Graham Painter, Bruntwood discuss the latest addition to Manchester’s coffee scene, Buffalo 7 share five speakers every presenter can learn from, The Landing experience huge success with the Future of Health accelerator and Fluid Branding explain providing the client with promotional giveaways that will help their everyday lives.


Graham Painter, founder and CEO of Cream, a leading media agency takes an introspective look into how and where he provides customers with value in communications and how that has changed over the years. Read more, here.


Department of Coffee and Social Affairs comes to New York Street, Manchester. The London born independent business has become a well-known brand within the coffee world. CEO, Ashley Lopez explains the key ingredient to success and why they have chosen Manchester as their first Northern base. Read more, here.

Buffalo 7

Becoming a great speaker or presenter is a tough job that requires a lot of hard work and practice. Keynote speakers or vloggers, Buffalo 7 share five speakers every presenter can learn from. Read more, here.

The Landing

The inaugural Future of Health accelerator, delivered by a partnership between The Landing and UP has been hailed a huge success with nearly every participating firm securing new investment or new business opportunities. Find out more about the programme, here.

Fluid Branding

Many of your customers, clients and employees will be preparing to send their kids back to school after the summer holidays. Fluid Branding explain that the best promotional giveaways help clients in their everyday lives. So, they’ve prepared this guide to ensure you provide them with the items they will be looking for. Read more, here.