Jumpstart, The Binary Box, Standby Productions and More

Every week we bring together the latest news and insights from our exhibitors, event partners and sponsors. This week, The Binary Box share tricks and tools that make organising easy, Moose Media explain the idea of ‘bed ferrets, Jumpstart discuss R&D tax relief for NDT companies, Standby Productions appoint exciting fresh talent and Lunar Aerial Imaging explain their latest non-drone purchase.

The Binary Box

Do you need help staying organised? The Binary Box have put together this article sharing some handy tricks and tools that make organising easy. Read more, here.

Moose Media Management

Why your business needs… bed ferrets? Every business needs conversation points that can get your potential clients and customers talking. Find out more, here.


The worldwide NDT market is growing at over 8% a year, however there are new challenges such as the increased use of composite materials and additive manufacturing and the the move towards alternative energy. Jumpstart believe it is crucial to capitalise on these growth opportunities with heavy investment in R&D. To find out more, click here.

Standby Productions

Standby Productions have experienced significant positive changes following the rising demand for their film service. This month they have expanded their office in Beehive Mill, and also recruited two new additions to the team. Find out more, here.

Lunar Aerial Imaging

Lunar are now able to offer high views for locations such as no fly zones, near electric lines and crowds etc. with their recent purchase of a 17 metre telescopic camera pole for providing 4k Ultra Hi Definition video and RAW photos. To find out more, click here.